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Top Tips for Lowering the Risk of Employee Theft in Homes

Many people prefer to hire a maid or cleaning company to clean their house rather than spend the time doing it after a hard day working. Unfortunately, this also leaves the homeowner open for the possibility of theft. In addition to having bonds for cleaning companies, these tips can help lower the risk of theft.

Educate Customers

One way to deter theft is to educate customers. Have customers put their valuables away and out of sight of the maid to avoid the temptation. Valuables like cash and jewelry left on bathroom counters, dressers and nightstands are common targets for theft. Getting the customer to work with your business can decrease theft risk.

Provide Information

When a new client interviews your company, don’t simply say you are bonded, licensed and insured. Provide that information upfront. This can help put their minds at ease and increase their trust. The industry leaders at moody insurance understand employee theft is a potential problem for cleaning companies.

Training Practices

When hiring and training new staff, make sure you include information about theft. Have a policy in place for handling theft should it happen rather than coming up with something once an accusation is lodged.
Bonds for cleaning companies can bring peace of mind to your clients and protect your business against employee theft. Consider bonds as part of the costs of doing business.

According to King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care information

An Alternative Treatment for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious condition that can affect anyone. However, treatment is often a mixture of different therapies that may have unpleasant side effects. That’s why there is CBD for PTSD.

How CBD Can Help

PTSD often leads to high anxiety, an inability to sleep, nightmares and even behavioral differences. A person’s entire life can change because of a traumatic event, even though these changes may not manifest immediately. When a person does experience PTSD, a doctor usually prescribes an antidepressant, although it may not have the desired effect. Scientists found that medical cannabis allows doctors to treat patients with PTSD and remove the side effects antidepressants may have. CBD is found to help with the following:

Reduce feelings of anxiety
Relax the body and mind for restful sleep
Clear the mind
Increase the ability to focus

According to King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care information, a person’s entire life can revolve around a past traumatic event. CBD allows people to break free of the seemingly never-ending cycle of fear and anxiety and begin to live in the present once again.

Enabling People To Be In Control

Individuals who take CBD as a treatment for PTSD can regain the ability to be in control of their lives in a way that other therapies do not. As the research behind medical cannabis continues to evolve, it is possible that CBD for PTSD may become more mainstream.

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What Is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

If you’re in your 20s or 30s and trying to determine which insurance is necessary for this point in your life, you may be feeling a little discombobulated. One way to make sure that you have all the coverage you need is to purchase a personal umbrella policy.

What It Is

Umbrella insurance is a type of policy that covers you from claims or lawsuits across a variety of situations. It may cover anything from homeowners’ insurance to boat insurance and can protect you from situations not generally covered by liability, such as false arrest or libel and slander. Source: Daniels Insurance

How It Protects You

Umbrella insurance protects you when your other policies can’t. Imagine, for example, that your home catches on fire. Chances are your homeowners’ policy only covers a certain amount of damages. If your home has $750,000 of damage, but your policy only covers $500,000, you’re on the hook for the remainder. However, an umbrella policy can cover that additional $250,000 so that you aren’t scrambling to pull it out of pocket some other way.
If you do decide that umbrella insurance in Santa Fe is right for you, be sure to purchase it from a reputable, licensed agency. This way, you know that your needs are being met and aren’t met with any unpleasant surprises in an emergency.