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Making a Start in Investing

Making a Start in Investing

An investment fund is a source of capital that comes from several investors with the intent to purchase individual shares of securities. These funds allow individual investors to choose from a broader selection of options while also enjoying lower fees. There are multiple types of funds, including exchange-traded funds, hedge funds, money market funds, and mutual funds. When purchasing these investment options, it is sometimes possible to choose between lower- and higher-risk investments. This helps the beginning investor protect against serious financial losses while preparing for the future.

Tips for Beginning Investors

Are there other ways to take advantage of investment funds safely? One thing to watch out for is “safe” investments that don’t keep up with inflation or your purchasing power. Instead, look for short-term US Treasury bonds, bond funds, and target-date retirement funds. According to experts at, you can also look into investment fund insurance. Here are more tips for beginning investors:

  • One of the basic rules for beginning investors is to keep an eye on any type of savings investment. If you’re playing it too safe, your investment may not provide any type of return. Even a small but consistent return is better than nothing.
  • Too often, beginning investors want to pull out their money for emergencies. If your investments are too accessible, you won’t end up making money and your retirement options will suffer. Instead, separate your savings investments from your checking account and keep them divided.

Are you confident in your ability to manage your own hedge fund? Sometimes working with a group of more experienced investors is a great way to get started.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Understanding Liability Claims With Employee Benefits

In the current day and age, almost all companies provide benefits to their employees. While all staffing companies don’t offer comprehensive benefits like healthcare, perks like vacation days, sick days, and workers’ compensation all fall under the umbrella of employee benefits. While it might not seem like a high-risk aspect of operating a business, staffing fiduciary liability is a real concern of which to stay mindful.

Types of Claims

As mentioned by World Wide Specialty Programs, there are a number of claims that can be expected in the staffing field. If you provide healthcare to workers, then you might experience a claim for failing to properly maintain the plan dictated in employee literature. Similarly, any problems with payroll and the allocation of employee wages can open you up to a number of claims. Additional claims include:

  • Benefits being denied to eligible workers
  • Errors and omissions related to benefit plans
  • Unannounced changes to benefits that conflict with agreements

Financial Setback

When your business experiences this type of claim, it can be a huge financial setback. To avoid this scenario, it is best to take time to find coverage that keeps you protected from benefit-related issues.

Operating a company in the staffing industry comes with unique requirements. Understand your risks and make the right insurance decisions for the future of your business.

Mariners Insurance

Protecting Your Boat Club

The New York Yacht Club, the Palm Beach Yacht Club and the San Francisco Yacht Club all have something in common with every boat and yacht club in the United States: the need for insurance. Boat club insurance programs, as explained by Mariners Insurance, need to offer a wide range of coverage for activities and potential liabilities that occur both at sea and on land.

At Sea

Insuring boats owned and rented by the club as part of day-to-day operations is a given, but coverage is also needed for activities such as regattas or special event charters.  If your club puts on a regatta with a substantial cash prize, race management errors and omissions insurance can be added as additional protection to your policy. If your club offers a sailing school, there are extra insurance considerations that need to be made including third-party claims for property damage.

On Land

Because boat clubs do not exist solely on the water, there are land-based concerns to take into account when purchasing insurance. Covering grounds maintenance is a priority as is insuring any facilities such as restaurants, offices or storage. Member property in the parking lot and on club grounds needs to be covered as well.

In a perfect world, boat clubs would just be about boating and sailing, but in the real world, boat clubs have an obligation to safeguard lives and assets on their property and in the water.