Monthly Archive October 28, 2021

Protecting Home Health Workers

When it comes to long-term healthcare needs, home care is the option more people are choosing. Today more than 10 million people use home care for medical needs, self-care and basic housekeeping. As home based care organizations, you already know that your staff in the field is more vulnerable than those in controlled settings. As home care roles increase, protecting your employees through the proper insurance and mitigation protocols is imperative.

Train Staff Using OSHA Recommendations

OSHA issues regular guidance and temporary emergency guidance for situations like the recent pandemic. Stay current with its guidelines and use its resources like “How to Prevent Exposure in Unsafe Conditions” and “How to Prevent Needlestick and Sharps Injuries.” Disseminate their resources to your home teams through regular training and email communications. Even a quick reminder on preventing a sprain can make a difference for your team members.

Train Staff About Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence is a very real risk for your home health team. Approximately 41% of them have experienced sexual harassment and up to 44% have been physically assaulted. Home health means staff are dealing with aggressive pets, unruly people and potentially dangerous patients, all without backup. Engage your staff in violence prevention training and encourage an open workplace where staff aren’t penalized for reporting dangerous behavior.

Show your staff you value them. Show them how to stay safe out in the field.


A Brief Overview of Mobile Entertainment Insurance

If you are in the mobile entertainment business, you need to make sure that you are covered in case of an accident or other catastrophic event. A big loss might put you out of business. To protect against that risk, you need mobile entertainment insurance.

Who needs mobile entertainment insurance?

Mobile entertainment is a broad category, but if you travel to entertain others, you probably need this coverage. Some examples include:

  • DJs
  • Photographers
  • Clowns
  • Santas
  • Bands
  • Event planners

If you are in one of these lines of business, or if you do travel around to provide entertainment of some sort, you should talk to an insurance agent about getting coverage.

What is mobile entertainment insurance?

Insurance for mobile entertainers covers the specific needs of a mobile entertainer. That includes covering any damage that your team or equipment might cause in the course of your service. It also usually covers certain kinds of loss of equipment or tracks while on the road. That means coverage for theft as well as damage. For example, if the equipment is lost in a vehicle accident and listed on the policy, it is covered.

If you travel to entertain people, and you worry about losing your income or wonder how to cover damages done by your team, this coverage is for you.

If You’re in an RV Accident, What Should You Do?

Planning a vacation with your family is exciting, and after weeks of making sure every detail is covered, you have it all scheduled, from the food to the city stops. Fourteen glorious days out on the roads to visit new vistas and capture memorable photos on your phone, and it all begins when you leave the house in your RV. However, there is one thing you probably forgot to plan for – what happens if you’re involved in one of the RV accidents that take place each year?

Critical Steps

While you can’t plan for the totally unknown, you can venture guesses about what you need to do if your RV slips into a ditch, is hit by a truck, or gets blown off the road. If you cannot drive your vehicle into the nearby town, follow these steps after RV accidents occur.

You may also want to locate a tow company to move your RV to a safe location until repairs can be made.

Vacation Continues

Unless the accident happened on the last day of your vacation, or if someone is seriously injured, rent a car or motorhome and continue your adventure. RV accidents do occur, but that shouldn’t stop you from making more memories you can talk about for years to come.

EO Coverage for Insurance Agents

Error and omissions insurance, abbreviated as E&O, is a professional liability insurance that is used in order to protect companies and their employees from claims of negligence. Although E&O is used in many different professions, fields will require different specifications for their particular E&O coverage. For instance, the type of E&O coverage for insurance agents will differ from the type of E&O coverage for medical practices.


For insurance agents, there are certain things to consider when determining what type of E&O coverage is best for you. For instance, it is important to make sure that your coverage adequately corresponds to the exposures your operations are liable to. This might depend largely on who your client is, and what particular services they are asking of you.


It is important to find E&O coverage that is tailored to your particular needs. However, once you do find insurance that provides the coverage that you are looking for, finding a good price is the next step. Navigating the insurance market can be difficult, as it is not always obvious which type of coverage will end up costing you less money in the long run. Therefore it is useful to hire professionals to help you make the choice that is best both financially and practically.