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Nightclub Program Insurance

A Short Guide To Bar Insurance

Running a bar is a great way to make a living for the most part. There are certainly worse ways to spend your working hours than serving happy people alcohol and helping them to unwind and have a great night. However, there is also a dark side to running a business that serves alcohol. If you accidentally end up overserving one of your customers and they end up causing property damage or hurting someone, you could be held liable. Luckily, bar insurance can help protect you financially in this situation and others.

What Is Bar Insurance?

Bar insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is designed to address the unique risks faced by bar owners. It can cover things like court costs, medical bills, property damage repair or replacement, and more.

How Much Does Bar Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one set price for bar insurance. The price you will end up paying for this type of insurance can vary widely and is impacted by a number of factors that your insurance provider will look at prior to giving you an estimate. Some of these factors are:

  • Your location
  • Your claim history
  • Your coverage needs
  • The size and value of your bar

Running a bar can open you up to a certain amount of risk. Bar insurance can help everything run far more smoothly.

Weighing Out the Options of Loss Sensitive Vs Guaranteed Cost Plans

Picking the best insurance coverage for your company can often prove to be a long and challenging journey. While there are bound to be plenty of obstacles that you encounter along the way, there are also just as many solutions available to you. For example, you may want to take a closer look at your current coverage related to workers’ compensation. Though the traditional plan might seem like the best fit, there are a few alternatives that are worth your attention. 

Find the Right Fit

One of the main points to focus on when selecting this type of insurance is whether or not you will require a loss sensitive vs guaranteed cost plan. The guaranteed-cost arrangement of workers’ compensation is the most common. In this arrangement, the business owner pays a premium no matter what the losses look like. With loss-sensitive plans, conversely, business owners are given the chance to see insurance rates that reflect their own losses. Other points to review in advance can include: 

  • Financial security in form of collateral
  • High-deductible policies that aggregate collateral
  • Unpredictable claim reimbursements 

Review the Options

Getting the most out of your insurance plan begins with finding the right solution for your biggest concerns. Take time to review your options with workers’ compensation to discover an ideal fit for your future.

What Parents Need To Know About Getting Their Teen Driver Comprehensive Car Insurance

If you’re a parent searching for car insurance for your teen driver, you may be wondering what types of coverage and provisions you should be looking for. Securing the right teen car insurance policy for your child is essential for his or her protection. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward facts that can help point you towards the best policy for your teen.

Ensure You Secure Comprehensive Coverage for All Eventualities

One of the best ways you can protect your teen with car insurance is to find a comprehensive policy. For instance, you may wish to purchase:

  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Personal injury coverage

Ask Your Insurance Agent About Teen-Specific Offers or Provisions

In some cases, you may be able to get unique offers, provisions or discounts for your teen driver. Ask your agent about:

  • Discounts for good grades
  • Deals or discounts when bundling the teen’s policy with other family policies
  • Different rates for deductibles based on the driver’s age

If your child has recently started to drive, securing appropriate teen car insurance is essential. By making sure you secure comprehensive coverage and searching for teen-specific offers or provisions, you can help ensure that your teen is covered and protected while on the road.

Protecting Your Home From Heavy Rains: What To Do Before the Storm Hits

You can’t control nature, but you can take charge of how you respond to the threats it poses. In fact, the actions you take before bad weather hits can make the difference in whether or not your home is damaged, destroyed, or unharmed. Here are a few things you can do before bad weather hits to help boost home protection against heavy rains.

Elevate Vulnerable Items

Basements and crawl spaces are particularly vulnerable to flooding. This is where you want to start when it comes to getting things up off the ground. Look at valuable and sensitive items first. Elevate safes, electronics, and appliances so they are at least a foot above the floor. 

Inspect Home Systems

Do an inspection of your home well before the weather hits. This will help identify any potential weak points so you can fix them before it is too late. It is a good idea to check:

  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Roofing and siding
  • Sump pumps
  • Window and door seals

You may not be able to protect your home from every storm that blows through. However, the right insurance policy can help you repair any damage that does happen, or rebuild if your home is completely destroyed. Be sure to share your concerns about storm damage with your insurance agent to ensure you have the right coverage. 

New Parents Should Have Life Insurance

Few things in life have the combination of excitement and stress that becoming a first-time parent does. It’s exciting to have a new member of the family who is so cute and cuddly. But you now also have a couple of decades of raising and caring for your child. There are so many things to be concerned with and you haven’t been down that road yet. One thing that you may not think of is life insurance.

What You Should Have Life Insurance

Though they may be young and healthy, there are advantages to life insurance for new parents. Buying a policy while in your 20s and in good health will mean lower premiums. You can lock in a policy with excellent coverage at an affordable rate.

Even the healthiest of people can have an accident or unexpectedly pass on. You want to make sure your child will be provided for financially. A life insurance policy will give you that peace of mind.

Even if you have a life insurance policy through your job, its benefits may be limited. Children need many things to grow up healthy and have a supplement to your existing insurance and help provide all that they will need should something happen to you or your spouse.

It’s exciting to become a parent but it’s a huge responsibility. You can help protect your child’s future with a life insurance policy.