Monthly Archive March 24, 2022

Protect Your Best Friend and Yourself With Insurance That Covers Dog Behavior

Dogs could be described as the friendliest of domesticated animals.

Nonetheless, they might bite, scratch or attack someone or another animal if they are frightened or provoked. Owners would benefit from having an insurance policy that covers unexpected behavior or situations that result in a dog attack.

Precautions Are Paramount

Training and maintaining control of your canine are primary steps toward preventing bites and other incidents. Check out some measures to take:

  • Go to school. Participating in a dog-obedience course establishes that you are the boss and is a chance to learn and practice commands and socialization skills.
  • Keep your dog on a leash. Many communities have a leash law that requires dog-walkers to have their pets on a short or retractable leash. A leashed canine won’t be able to run away after a passing squirrel or get into a fight with another leashed dog.
  • Erect a fence. A yard enclosed with regular or invisible fencing gives a dog freedom to run unleashed.

Insurance Helps Cover the Unexpected

Even in controlled scenarios, the unexpected happens. If the case of a dog attack, the results could involve bodily injury or property damage. Medical bills, claims for damages and even lawsuits could threaten your financial resources and dog-ownership. Rental or homeowner policies may exclude or limit coverage for harm caused by dogs.

Canine liability insurance can add to your peace of mind and enhance time with your best four-legged friend.

The Basics of Electrical Contractors Insurance

Electrical contractors have a lot to think about. When they approach a job, they must isolate the particulars from among the thousands of hours that they’ve spent training and working to do it correctly. It may be something that they have not done before, or done so long ago that procedural knowledge has been forgotten. 

To get the job done properly and efficiently, the contractor cannot be thinking about what might happen if things go wrong. Such a lack of focus can create problems. By carrying insurance, the contractor knows that when bad things invariably happen, a team will swoop in to advocate that understands how to keep things moving forward.

What Is Electrical Contractors Insurance?

Electrical contractors insurance covers electricians in the event of damage to person or property related to the job. Requirements vary by state, so they will need to be reviewed and met before licensing will be granted. 

Besides electrical contractors insurance, there are bond options, and these also vary by state. The three types of bonds are performance, bid and payment, and carrying them can add credibility to your business.

The last thing that you need is to be worried about what happens if something goes wrong. Electrical contractors insurance protects you from the worst potential scenarios on the job. 

2 Types of Home Builder Insurance

If you’re working on somebody’s residential property, you already have a lot to think about without worrying about what will happen in case of injury, or damage to the property. That’s why, hopefully, you’ve taken out the appropriate insurance to protect you, your crew, and the homeowner’s interest in case of an unforeseen, and potentially costly, turn of events.

1. Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance is a type of home builder insurance that provides financial protection over the course of construction jobs. It provides coverage for materials and tools from damage, theft or vandalism. Most policies last for between nine months and a year, but they can be extended as per the job. This type of insurance can be purchased by homeowners working on DIY projects as well as professional contractors.

2. Construction Endorsements

Constructions endorsements are add-ons to homeowners insurance and protect against renovation-related accidents or injury. This could also morph into a vacant home endorsement, which offers coverage for homeowners if they are not living at the sight of construction.

Home builder insurance is a must. Creating, repairing or remodeling somebody’s personal living space is a precious job, and there’s no room for accidents to happen without protection against liability. In this way, the builders can focus on the details of the job.

Protection From Cyberattacks

As reported by Forbes, criminals are currently able to invade 93% of business cybergrids, and businesses of all sizes are at risk. Protecting your organization from an attack means not having to consider paying cyber ransoms. Here are a few top tips to consider.

Know Your Organization’s Vulnerabilities

Actively search for areas of vulnerabilities in your system before a cybercriminal does. With the increase in remote employees, consider the possibility of internal and external threats to your system.

Consider Common Cybersecurity Breaches

Malware, software created intentionally to damage or gain access to a computer system, is a top issue. Statistica reports that up to 61% of attacks are web-based, with 41% of attacks being initiated internally. 

Create Comprehensive Information Technology Protection

A layered approach is more likely to reduce the need to consider paying cyber ransoms due to breaches.  Web-based and cloud security highlight the need to protect data as it moves to and from the cloud, which are servers accessed through the internet.

End-user training can include employees and customers who are accessing your organization’s data. Cyber insurance is an added layer of protection to keep businesses from becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Taking time to review threats and know the options available to protect your business are smart ways to insulate your company from the burden of cyberattacks.