Monthly Archive May 27, 2022

The Risks of Being a DJ

Working in the nightclub industry can be an exciting career. It is not always late-night parties and a rock and roll lifestyle. Being a DJ comes with very particular risks. 

Understanding these risks can help you prepare with adequate dj public liability insurance

Bodily Injury

You create an exciting set where people are dancing and jumping like crazy. Unfortunately, you didn’t tape a speaker wire well enough to the floor. A guest trips on the wire, falls and has serious injuries.

You could be held liable here. And this is just one of many examples where bodily injury could occur at your set. Having adequate insurance coverage can help avoid costly claim expenses. 

Property Damage

One of your speakers could fall and damage a client’s property. Maybe your equipment causes electrical harm to a venue. Property damage is a very real risk of being a DJ.

If a client or venue wants you to cover costs, having adequate insurance can help save you money in the long run. 

Should any of these events go to court, insurance can help you cover legal fees as well.

You want to focus on having a good time running your DJ business. Having insurance can prepare you for the worst-case scenarios. That way, you can live in the moment and have a blast playing music you love.

How You Can Find Success With Client Sourcing Strategies

Finding new clients for your business is a task that you must always remain mindful of as a business owner. Failing to look for new customers can easily lead to a stall in regard to your cash flow. To change this and obtain working capital, you must consider how to go about finding new customers. While there are many ways to attract desirable clients through your door, it can be wise to develop a strategy that is based around research and insight. Take a look at these tips and learn more about your options. 

Ways To Source Clients 

Devising a client sourcing strategy begins with assessing your current capabilities. If you are someone who has been open for many years, you may find that your existing customers are not as reliant on your services as they once were. In such a case, you need to think about how to best source customers in a way that helps you naturally grow your company. Organic growth might seem tricky, but there are plenty of ways to go about the process. Options you may wish to consider can include: 

  • Improving your social channels
  • Optimizing your web assets
  • Reviewing information about target demographics

Options To Consider

To grow or sustain a business, you need to be able to rely on a certain number of clients. Take time to look into ways to grow your client base and see how to best get ahead.

Why High Net Worth Individuals Need Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella insurance is a common additional policy for businesses that need a wider scope of extended coverage than an actual extended insurance policy offers. Umbrella coverage also exists for individuals, and for those with many assets that each need to be individually covered, it can be an essential addition to a risk management portfolio.

Protect the True Value of Assets

Coverage for property and the assets stored on it does have a maximum even when you buy an extremely high limit policy. Umbrella coverage for high net worth individuals has been built to provide for those situations where a policy for a particular asset or location is maximized but your losses exceed that cap. Since those kinds of drastic losses are rare, it is seldom needed for every policy, but coverage that extends every policy makes sure you have it when such a disaster occurs, and that it is set up to cover any affected assets.

Cost-Effective Additional Coverage

Since an umbrella policy does not kick in unless one of the policies under its coverage maxes out, it is very cost-effective as an addition to your coverage portfolio. Whether you use it to give yourself a broad extension on every form of insurance you carry or prioritize a critical group, the cost is negligible for the peace of mind you can gain.