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Managing Employees As a Restaurant Owner

One of the most vital parts of restaurant ownership is being a good employee manager. Without high-quality employees, your restaurant will flounder and eventually fail. The question is, how do you manage your staff effectively while also running a restaurant? 

Have a Set Guideline For Behavior

One of the first steps in managing employees as a restaurant owner is to have set guidelines for behavior. While it may be tedious to sit down and write one, restaurant employee handbooks will give you a point of reference for every staff member you hire. Things like dress code, break policies, and general conduct shouldn’t be decided on a case-by-case basis. With a handbook, you eliminate any bias and keep things standardized. 

Treat Your Employees Like People

Another step to effective employee management is to treat your staff like people. One of the most common reasons people leave a job is because a manager treated them poorly. Rather than losing valuable staff that can help build your business, treat every employee under you with respect and care. Do your best to get to know them and their interests on a professional level, and they’ll reward you with harder work and increased productivity. 

The bottom line is that employee management is one of the key facets of restaurant ownership. With these concepts in mind, you can help your business grow and increase its revenue. 

Why Marine Surveyors Need Specific Insurance

Whenever an insurance company or potential buyer needs to evaluate a water-going vessel, they will call in a marine surveyor to do the job. These experts provide specific surveying services related to different types of vessels and occasionally docks and canals, and they require unique protection for their work. Here’s why insuring marine surveyors requires specific policies and expertise. 

Industry-Specific Insurance Products

Marine surveyors perform complex work in unique environments. General insurance products may lack coverage for the specific needs of marine surveying firms. Insurance companies with expertise in marine-related policies can provide an in-depth look into the industry-related products that marine surveyors need. 

Protection Against Mistakes and Omissions

When it comes to marine surveys, the documentation process is extensive and complicated, requiring a high level of skill. Yet, mistakes can and do happen. Whether there’s an oversight during the inspection or an employee files a false condition report, marine surveying firms need the right insurance to protect them in these specific circumstances. Otherwise, the firm may end up shouldering potential legal fees or damages charged by a third party. 

Insuring marine surveyors takes unique expertise. For this complicated industry, there is no single policy that works for everyone. Each surveyor or firm should consult with an insurance agent to tailor an insurance product to fit their needs. 

3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a cost that pretty much everyone has to make room for (since it’s legally required), and it never hurts to find ways to cut down on its cost if you can. Here are three simple ways you can save on your car insurance and put money back into your wallet. 

1. Compare Quotes 

First of all, it never hurts to compare quotes. Go online or reach out to various agents in your area from different companies to find out how big the discrepancy is. You may be able to find similar coverage to what you have but for a discounted price. 

2. Take a Defensive Driving Course 

You may be able to save on your auto insurance by completing a defensive driving course online and sending the certificate to your insurance company. But it depends upon which state you live in; for example, in Massachusetts auto insurance providers may not offer defensive driving discounts even while they do in Texas or other states. 

3. Simplify Your Coverage 

Finally, you can always reduce or change your vehicle’s coverage. Perhaps you don’t need as low a deductible as you currently have, or perhaps you can go without theft coverage for a while. Reach out to your agent to find out what your options are. 

Using these three tips, you can save your well-earned money and invest it or spend it on something more meaningful to you. It never hurts to have a little bit of extra cash around! 

Characteristics of Great Cab Drivers

Driving a cab involves dealing with lots of different personalities and also people in all sorts of emotional states. Drivers know how to read their fares, to figure out what folks need so that they have a good ride experience. Great cab drivers employ many strategies to establish optimal conditions in their cabs and to ensure successful fares with satisfied clients.

Characteristics of Great Cab Drivers 

Responsibility is the umbrella under which all other details fall. It is what helps clients to feel like they are in good hands. It insists that drivers respect the rules of the road and their role as service providers.

Promptness and courtesy are important. The two things that consumers look for when receiving a service are quality and kindness. Great drivers greet their fares with these two qualities on full display. 

Honesty is imperative. Great drivers have a tremendous knowledge of the local landscape and they always aim to get clients where they need to go without feeling the need to milk the meter. 

Cleanliness is something that clients notice immediately. Great drivers take pains to check their cabs for cleanliness between fares, which also enables them to check for forgotten belongings.

Driving a cab is more than just shifting gears. Great cab drivers take pains to guarantee a premium ride for their fares. From a positive, helpful attitude to a clean vehicle, their understanding of what their clients need is tantamount to those clients having a positive experience.

The Basics of Using PPP Funds for Lobbying

The Paycheck Protection Program provided a valuable resource for struggling businesses to maintain their company payroll expenses and meet financial obligations in the face of the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these funds proved beneficial for millions of businesses, there were some restrictions that are important to note. Specifically, there were key restrictions on using PPP funds for lobbying.

What Does PPP Funds for Lobbying Mean?

In order to fully understand the restrictions, you need to understand what is meant by ‘PPP funds for lobbying.’ According to the SBA, lobbying refers to any actions that meet the lobbying definition set forth in the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, and PPP funds for lobbying would be any funds received from the Paycheck Protection Program used to support those lobbying efforts.

What Restrictions Are There on PPP Eligibility for Non-Profits in Lobbying?

To maintain eligibility for PPP funding, businesses must meet clear guidelines, including restrictions on revenues generated from lobbying activities, the percentage of the business activities that are devoted to lobbying and more. These guidelines are in addition to the general program qualifications.

It is important to understand the SBA guidelines regarding PPP funds and lobbying efforts to ensure compliance with the program terms.