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valuations for cargo ships

Safety Evaluations for Cargo Ships

Cargo ships all have to take important safety steps to mitigate safety hazards. Apart from the dangers posed by inclement weather, other hazards such as mechanical failures or improper maintenance could present a serious danger. Safety inspections are a critical part of ensuring that a ship is seaworthy and that crew and cargo will be safe.

Cargo Needs to Be Stored Safely

Cargo safety evaluations must confirm that cargo containers are being placed securely and weight is distributed evenly throughout a ship’s cargo hold. Any unexpected movement while a ship is in motion could result in serious personal injury or property damage.

Life Rafts and Life Boats Must Be in Working Order

In the event of a critical emergency, a ship’s emergency life rafts and lifeboats need to be ready to put to use. There must be an adequate number of emergency vessels to accommodate all crew on board, and they must be equipped with all necessary emergency equipment.

Communication Equipment Must Be Well-Maintained

A ship’s vital emergency communication equipment must be fully operational at all times. It needs to be periodically inspected, and any type of equipment malfunctions must be immediately addressed. If there is a temporary outage in operations, the cause has to be identified and addressed.

Maintaining emergency equipment and verifying that safety protocols are followed will greatly help to minimize the risks associated with heavy cargo shipping.

Mariners Insurance

Protecting Your Boat Club

The New York Yacht Club, the Palm Beach Yacht Club and the San Francisco Yacht Club all have something in common with every boat and yacht club in the United States: the need for insurance. Boat club insurance programs, as explained by Mariners Insurance, need to offer a wide range of coverage for activities and potential liabilities that occur both at sea and on land.

At Sea

Insuring boats owned and rented by the club as part of day-to-day operations is a given, but coverage is also needed for activities such as regattas or special event charters.  If your club puts on a regatta with a substantial cash prize, race management errors and omissions insurance can be added as additional protection to your policy. If your club offers a sailing school, there are extra insurance considerations that need to be made including third-party claims for property damage.

On Land

Because boat clubs do not exist solely on the water, there are land-based concerns to take into account when purchasing insurance. Covering grounds maintenance is a priority as is insuring any facilities such as restaurants, offices or storage. Member property in the parking lot and on club grounds needs to be covered as well.

In a perfect world, boat clubs would just be about boating and sailing, but in the real world, boat clubs have an obligation to safeguard lives and assets on their property and in the water.