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Top Reasons to Properly Vent a Boat

The boat fuel vent is an essential component of any vessel operating with a fuel source. Properly installing these vents helps lower a repairer or manufacturer’s liability for the vessel. Here are the top reasons to properly vent the boat’s fuel system.

Water Entry

Since boats travel on water, the fuel vent can allow water in if not properly installed. There are a few ways to limit water from entering the fuel such as a high mount, angling the vent or installing a shield. As seen on, following the proper installation steps is important to limit liability.

Fuel Puddling

Sags in the vent line can cause puddling of fuel. The fuel tank vent system cannot operate effectively if there is fuel puddled in the line. Keeping the line straight uses gravity to move fuel back toward the tank.

Wire Screens

A clogged screen prevents the tank from properly venting. The screen keeps out unwanted items such as debris and insects, but they can also build up with grime, corrosion and salt crystals. Cleaning the screen or replacing it during the installation of the fuel vent system allows for proper ventilation.

The boat fuel vent is a key component of the boat’s engine. When it fails to work properly, the engine can be starved of fuel or prevent you from properly filling up the gas tank.

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Purchasing Insurance for Boat Rentals

Various industries prosper in warm climates, and this is undoubtedly true for boat renting operations. If you own a boat rental business, you are aware of how kind, warm weather can be to your enterprise. With this said, you also understand that maintenance and other unexpected expenses can undoubtedly take a toll on your budget for either the month or quarter. There is also the possibility of personal injury or theft taking place at your boat rental business. For any of these circumstances, boat rental insurance can potentially cover the majority of your liability. It is always better to have a policy in place for extenuating conditions, so boat rental insurance helps owners in various ways.

Acquiring Watercraft Liability

Many teenagers acquire boating licenses while they are in high school without actually operating a boat. As it stands, the possibility for boat-related injuries is relatively high due to the number of inexperienced boaters there are. Watercraft liability will help protect your business from liability about bodily injuries or damages to property.

Acquiring Premises Liability

The Fourth of July passed recently, and you likely held an event at your boat rental business to celebrate the occasion. Depending on the clientele, it is not out of the question that many of your consumers had a little too much to drink while celebrating. When people are in this state of mind, the likelihood of damaging property raises exponentially. Premises liability is a form of boat rental insurance that protects your property should any circumstance fitting this criterion occurs.