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2 Types of Home Builder Insurance

If you’re working on somebody’s residential property, you already have a lot to think about without worrying about what will happen in case of injury, or damage to the property. That’s why, hopefully, you’ve taken out the appropriate insurance to protect you, your crew, and the homeowner’s interest in case of an unforeseen, and potentially costly, turn of events.

1. Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance is a type of home builder insurance that provides financial protection over the course of construction jobs. It provides coverage for materials and tools from damage, theft or vandalism. Most policies last for between nine months and a year, but they can be extended as per the job. This type of insurance can be purchased by homeowners working on DIY projects as well as professional contractors.

2. Construction Endorsements

Constructions endorsements are add-ons to homeowners insurance and protect against renovation-related accidents or injury. This could also morph into a vacant home endorsement, which offers coverage for homeowners if they are not living at the sight of construction.

Home builder insurance is a must. Creating, repairing or remodeling somebody’s personal living space is a precious job, and there’s no room for accidents to happen without protection against liability. In this way, the builders can focus on the details of the job.

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What To Include in Your Employee Benefits Packages

In the last few years, a big shift has occurred in terms of what employees expect from their places of work. With the cost of living skyrocketing and health issues becoming more prevalent than ever before, the average worker is looking for an employer who goes above and beyond with benefits. If you are not offering the most appropriate and useful benefit packages to your staff, you could be missing out on an easy opportunity to show your team how much you care. Review these points to learn more.

What Should Be Offered

The secret to successful employee benefits packages is to identify what your team needs most and take steps to make these inclusions in your offerings. For example, medical insurance is an obvious choice. However, going the extra mile and including dental and vision programs in your package can be far more practical for your employees. Life insurance policies can also be helpful, as can coverage that goes into effect when someone experiences either short-term or long-term disability. Other points to consider adding to your packages for employee benefits include: 

  • Retirement plan options
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings accounts

When To Review the Plan

Offering the right benefits to your employees makes your place of work a lot more enticing. Take time to assess your current package and see what adjustments you can make in order to boost the overall appeal of your brand.

Nightclub Program Insurance

A Short Guide To Bar Insurance

Running a bar is a great way to make a living for the most part. There are certainly worse ways to spend your working hours than serving happy people alcohol and helping them to unwind and have a great night. However, there is also a dark side to running a business that serves alcohol. If you accidentally end up overserving one of your customers and they end up causing property damage or hurting someone, you could be held liable. Luckily, bar insurance can help protect you financially in this situation and others.

What Is Bar Insurance?

Bar insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is designed to address the unique risks faced by bar owners. It can cover things like court costs, medical bills, property damage repair or replacement, and more.

How Much Does Bar Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one set price for bar insurance. The price you will end up paying for this type of insurance can vary widely and is impacted by a number of factors that your insurance provider will look at prior to giving you an estimate. Some of these factors are:

  • Your location
  • Your claim history
  • Your coverage needs
  • The size and value of your bar

Running a bar can open you up to a certain amount of risk. Bar insurance can help everything run far more smoothly.

Protecting Your Projects From Start to Finish

Builders and construction companies know that their clients, big and small, rely on them to manage and deliver projects from the award of bid to owner acceptance at completion. Many people understand that project scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality are generally the major benchmarks when it comes to assessing progress. As the contractor or construction manager, you’re responsible for the project’s success and there are plenty of tools and best practices for managing the aforementioned benchmarks. Are you covered if something happens to your project or the equipment during construction?

What is Builders Risk Insurance?

When you’re working on a project, the contractor assumes ownership of the project until it’s complete in accordance with the mutually agreed upon contract. A builders risk policy offers these benefits to your business:

  • Protects buildings and other facilities from damages due to fire, smoke, explosions and specific weather events
  • Covers theft or vandalism of equipment and materials
  • Can be extended to cover project delays and schedule extensions

You own the project until it’s complete, so having this plan in place helps lower your risks involving the unknown and external forces. Some clients require their contractors to have this policy in place before starting the work.

What It Isn’t

Builders risk insurance should not be confused with general liability, professional liability or workers’ compensation. Respectively, those plans impact third-party injuries or property damage, negligence or defects in work product and injuries or illnesses experienced by workers while on the job. Find an insurer who can help you put together a complete plan.