EO Coverage for Insurance Agents

EO Coverage for Insurance Agents

Error and omissions insurance, abbreviated as E&O, is a professional liability insurance that is used in order to protect companies and their employees from claims of negligence. Although E&O is used in many different professions, fields will require different specifications for their particular E&O coverage. For instance, the type of E&O coverage for insurance agents will differ from the type of E&O coverage for medical practices.


For insurance agents, there are certain things to consider when determining what type of E&O coverage is best for you. For instance, it is important to make sure that your coverage adequately corresponds to the exposures your operations are liable to. This might depend largely on who your client is, and what particular services they are asking of you.


It is important to find E&O coverage that is tailored to your particular needs. However, once you do find insurance that provides the coverage that you are looking for, finding a good price is the next step. Navigating the insurance market can be difficult, as it is not always obvious which type of coverage will end up costing you less money in the long run. Therefore it is useful to hire professionals to help you make the choice that is best both financially and practically.