How To Qualify for Life Insurance

How To Qualify for Life Insurance

Life insurance can feel intimidating for many people, to the point that they put off obtaining it for their families. Don’t let your questions or fear of not qualifying for coverage keep you from finding a plan that meets your needs. You will be surprised to discover that life insurance requirements are often simple to understand and easy to complete.


Each company and policy for life insurance can vary, but fulfilling the requests of the insurance entity will be fairly simple. Expect agencies to need your age, weight, a brief medical history, occupation, medications, drug and alcohol use, and financial information to process a life insurance policy. Sometimes you may have to go a step further and complete a physical exam as laid out by the company. 

Additional Requests

After providing information to the initial requests, you may be asked to provide further detail or more in-depth physical exams to complete your policy. Don’t be intimidated by any extra information that might be needed. The company uses this information to help get the best premium rates for your plan. If you want to make sure you have a premium rate you can afford, consider asking your life insurance agent if there are changes you can make to your lifestyle to get the policy your family needs.

Answering health-related questions can feel vulnerable and tedious, but it’s worth your time and effort. Having quality life insurance coverage will protect the ones you love the most if something were to happen to you.