When It Is Time To Change Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents of CT

When It Is Time To Change Insurance Agents

At some point, you may become unhappy with your current insurance agent or company. But how do you know when you should make the switch? Independent insurance agents of CT may offer the perfect combination of both insurance coverage and customer service.


Sometimes moving can cause your current insurance agent to become irrelevant. They may not have the licenses to work in your new state. Or you bought a home and they only offer renters insurance but not homeowners insurance.

Customer Service

Terrible customer service is a primary motivator for people to move on from their current agent. Reading testimonials and asking around for referrals can help you find a new agent with better customer service that you can rely on.


There are times when personalities clash and continuing the relationship is no longer beneficial to either of you. When searching for a new agent, meet them before signing anything. Go with your gut, so you can avoid future personality conflicts.


If you have to file a claim, you need your insurance agent to be on top of their game. An unavailable agent is no use to you.

Changing insurance providers doesn’t have to be a hassle. Finding independent insurance agents of CT starts with referrals from loved ones or testimonials online. Make sure the new agent offers the insurance coverage you need.