Workers Compensation: What It Covers and What Are The Requirements?

Orlando workers compensation insurance

Workers Compensation: What It Covers and What Are The Requirements?

Are you looking for Orlando workers compensation insurance? Before you sign up for a new policy, here is what you should know about what it entails and the coverage requirements that are applicable to the state of Florida.

What Does It Cover?

Workers compensation protects you and your employees in case one of them becomes ill or suffers an injury because of work-related activity. Not only will your policy cover the medical costs associated with the incident, but it will also cover rehab expenses and pay for lost wages while he or she is out of the office. In case of death, your policy can make payments for which you’re liable to the employee’s beneficiaries.

What Are The Governing Laws?

The laws for workers compensation vary by state. Some states require that you carry workers compensation as soon as you have one employee while others have more lenient requirements. For Florida, the requirements vary depending on your industry.

Construction: coverage is required starting with your first employee, including the owners.
Non-construction: coverage is required starting with the fourth employee, not including sole proprietors or partners in a partnership.
Agricultural: coverage is required when you reach six regular employees or 12 seasonal employees who work at least 30 days in a season and up to 45 days in a year.

There are other guidelines that pertain to how contractors and out-of-state employers are handled. Work with an agent experienced with Orlando workers compensation insurance to craft a policy that meets your needs and the local requirements.